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Individual Taxation

After years of serving clients in some of the largest metropolitan areas, our practice has obtained the expertise to navigate your specific regulatory environment and achieve desired outcomes on your return with solid professional integrity.

Some common areas that we handle on a daily basis:

  • Self-employment/contractor/freelancer income
  • Rental property
  • Sale of Home
  • Equity Compensation. For example, RSU, ESPP, ISO, NSO, etc.
  • Multi-state allocation
  • Company IPO, merger & acquisition
  • Crypto currency
  • Foreign Income Exclusion & Foreign Tax Credit

Our individual tax services provide fast and accurate results. 

For individuals with Equity Compensation, we can discuss when and how to exercise or sell your stocks/options to optimize your net after tax income based on your vesting schedule.

For individuals with a business, we can discuss quarterly taxes as well as methods to structure your company, such as possible s-corp conversion or other types of credits & deductions.

Tax Planning

Over the years, clients have given us one important piece of feedback: they often do not want someone “just filing our taxes.” Long-term strategy and building a relationship are important considerations. Some frequent topics that we are hired to discuss include:

  • Equity compensation – timing & quantity of stock option sales/vests
  • New home purchase & related tax effects
  • Joint vs. separate tax returns
  • Tax benefits of dependents
  • Quarterly estimated taxes
  • Moving states

Feel free to contact us to discuss any of these (or any other) long-term tax planning topics. 

Past-Due Tax Returns

We have been approached frequently with requests to reconcile past records and file past-due tax returns. Even if you have lost your records, our team will assist in obtaining information from the IRS and any relevant states. 

We can help estimate, reduce, or eliminate taxes or interest through various abatement programs, payment plans, and debt settlements (tax reductions) that are available through the government. 

Give us a call to learn more about our individual tax services today.